Friday, April 4, 2014

Remix Video Contest Honorees

The panel of judges decided to honor five entries to the Archival Activism Remix Video Contest. The following participants were awarded an Amazon gift certificate worth $50.00:

Feibi McIntosh, USC Remix
Stephanie Derr, Battle of Seattle Remix
Catie Pieper, Monosphere
Sophie Hiss, The Fear of Women
Allegra Tepper, Ghetto Gospel

Congratulations to all who entered!!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Remix Competition Announced!

Society for Cinema and Media Studies
Archival Activism: Reclaiming + Remixing History

The Media Literacy + Pedagogical Outreach and the Documentary Studies Scholarly Interest Groups of SCMS announce their 2014 event: a REMIX VIDEO COMPETITION. Participants will explore a contemporary political issue through the lens of the infamous “Battle of Seattle,” the 1999 WTO demonstrations, creating a 3 to 8 minute video using archival or “found” footage.  Submissions will be screened during an event at Seattle’s Northwest Film Forum on Wednesday, March 19. The event will mark the 15th anniversary of the protests and will feature special guest speaker, Jill Friedberg, director of the award winning documentary, This is What Democracy Looks Like. 
Were the WTO protests effective in shaping policy? If so, how so? What traces remain with us today? What are the connections between the WTO protests and contemporary political actions such as the Occupy movement or Arab Spring? Have social media offered more opportunities for collective action or simply provided more media coverage? Participants may explore one of these questions or frame their own, but all must follow these creative constraints:

+ It is encouraged, but not mandatory, that footage be acquired from the Internet Archive [].  Found footage may be supplemented by newly filmed footage.

+ All source materials must be cited in the credits.

+ No more than 30 seconds of a single clip may be used without some form of editing.

+ Entries due January 27, 2014. EXTENDED to 3/3/14!! Upload entries to, YouTube, or any hosting site, and send link to:

+ Entries will be evaluated by a panel of judges who will consider the conceptual core, the research component and the formal qualities of each.

+ Contest open to ALL. (No affiliation requirements.) 

+ Prizes awarded to the top entries.

Check back for contest updates!

Questions? Send them to us at

Potential resources for Remix Video competition

Several forays into the theory and the practice of teaching the video essay appear at Cinema Journal's Teaching Dossier section of its online space, TEACHING MEDIA. Essays address project scaffolding, grading rubrics, fair use issues and more making it an excellent resource for film and media faculty.
Landing page of CJ's Teaching Dossier on video essays.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

SCMS Opening Night Event! Northwest Film Forum

We are delighted to announce that our screening event was chosen for opening night programming for the 2014 conference. The event will take place at the Northwest Film Forum on Wednesday, March 19th from 7 to 9 PM. Winning entries will be screened in addition to a selection of found footage films. Stay tuned for news of our guest speaker.

Enter the REMIX VIDEO CONTEST today!!